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Thu, 12 May 2016
Uncertainty – The State of Illinois
Well-run companies, governments and agencies strive for states of certainty. It feeds success and future growth. And without it, we have the state of Illinois. If certainty matters, then why has certainty of payment been withheld from members of the Pay Now Illinois Coalition – a group of 64 human and social services agencies and companies that provide essential services to vulnerable populations in Illinois? Why should we be left with anything less than certainty that we will be paid – according to the terms of our signed contracts – for work performed? That’s why we sued Illinois last week for not paying more than $100 million for more than 300 days of work. Not everyone is willing to wait to see what happens next. Pay Now Illinois Coalition member Addus Healthcare, a publicly traded provider of home-based personal care services with annual revenues of approximately $400, said the lack of certainty is forcing it to reconsider how it does business in Illinois: “Specifically (1) with over $50M of capital deployed toward Illinois debt, (2) with no written commitment or time frame from the state for the repayment of this capital, and (3) due to continued increases, approximately $5M per month, in the amount of this debt, Addus must reduce the working capital expenditure in Illinois so that it can preserve remaining capital for investment in other areas of its business which extends to 22 other states nationally.” That is a sad commentary on Illinois. But their dilemma is understandable. Illinois needs healthy service providers that are able to plan and project for the future. Why do business in a state that is rife with uncertainty, when you can do business elsewhere and be paid? Good business is a two-way street – it’s called shared success. By not paying our bills, the State appears indifferent to our survival. And whispers of progress or possible budget deals? That doesn’t provide certainty either. What would help? Pay our bills. Now.
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