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Fri, 13 May 2016
The Not Good Enough Solution
Here’s a question for you: would you be satisfied to work a full day but be paid only half of your wages? Or worse, only a quarter of your wages? I didn’t think so. And neither are the Pay Now Illinois Coalition members. Yet that is exactly what is being proposed. Today, the House and Senate passed a $700 million funding bill for social service agencies that will now be sent to the Governor for consideration. Of the funding that is included, $450 million comes from the Commitment to Human Services Fund. But collectively, the Coalition members are owed more than $100 million, or nearly 25% of that money. And, we are not even one-fourth of the providers in Illinois that are owed money. We believe the total amount owed to providers throughout the State of Illinois could be as high as $2 billion. Should the Governor sign the bill – no guarantee he will – it amounts to just a down payment on what is owed. It does not change the fundamentals of our lawsuit. And by the way, how would that money be divided? Who would determine an equitable distribution? Who gets paid first? And why? The answers to these questions are not clear, and that is why we are suing for full and immediate payment of what is owed to all of us under legally binding contracts. Because paying your bills – in full – that’s just good business.
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